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  • Louise Grace

Royal Berks Charity - Soap Box Challenge

And they're off!! Our engineers Dan and Andy have been hard at it, building their soap box beast ready for the Royal Berks Charity event today with much fun had by all.

The Soap Box Challenge is a fantastic annual race set up in support of the Royal Berks Charity held at Englefield Estate and many spectators came to admire the green goddess Dan and Andy have worked so hard to build.

The soap box was built from an up-cycled bath tub, some parts from an old go cart, rubber tubing and a lot of sweat and blood.

Andy gave Dan a push to get him moving more than 3mph.

Xpert turned a few heads (but sadly, not many corners) our motor was pretty swell to look at but turns out we didn't have the energy that day. We stacked it on the first turn and the second attempt on a slightly broken cart left us all feeling a bit slow.

Despite our performance, the event was a huge success with much fun and hilarity had by all and thousands raised for the Royal Berks Charity. If you missed the day you can still show your support with your donations via the Royal Berks Charity just giving page:

The Royal Berks Charity helps provide the extras that make a difference to patients, their visitors and the staff. Donations help to provide better facilities for patients and visitors, buy the most up to date equipment, improve staff training & welfare, support rebuilding and in refurbishment projects.

Poor Andy came a cropper on the first corner.

Luckily there was a team of friendly First Aiders to help him up. Nothing broken thankfully (except the front wheel arch and Andy's pride...)

Quite an impressive build though we all thought given their car started life as a bath....

Follow the Royal Berks Charity Events on their Facebook page:

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