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  • Louise Grace

Danfoss Bluetooth - App Controlled Rads - Danfoss Eco™

New (ish) on the market is the very swanky radiator thermostat. Its temperature can be controlled through an app on your phone through the magic of bluetooth.

Danfoss Eco™ is a Stand-alone programmable radiator thermostat that allows you to control your individual radiators using Bluetooth technology with the Danfoss Eco™ App. Each Eco™ radiator thermostat can be programmed individually to give you complete control over your home heating.

A very handy option. This means you can be sat in one room where its nice and cosy meanwhile you can let the lesser used rooms cool off for the majority of the day/week/month adjusting it as your routine changes.

Programming your radiators to fit your daily schedule might allow you to achieve better comfort levels and increased energy savings in your home. Is there a more popular mix of priorities in the 1st world than having everything pre-programmed and easily updated from your sofa on your phone?

Using Bluetooth technology each Eco™ thermostat can be programmed from a distance of up to 10 metres away plus there is an option for manual adjustment with the turn-wheel.

So you do need to be close enough that the signal is picked up. Not a remote app that you can adjust from work (unless you work from home...within a 10 meter range of the stat..)

The Danfoss Eco™ radiator thermostat has a low noise level (below 30 dBA) and Danfoss boast a 30% energy saving when replacing old radiator thermostats with this new technology. This is due to the scheduling feature which automatically lowers the temperature of individual radiators when programmed, regulating usage and enabling huge savings. It even has a child lock.

The best bit - the Danfoss Eco™ is easy to install, in just 30 seconds! Not even enough time to boil the kettle for tea and its done.

This is guilt free shopping at its best.

For more information on the Danfoss Eco™

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