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The Clausius Heat Pump

Rudolf CLAUSIUS (1822-1888) was a German physicist who enunciated the Second Law of Thermodynamics which is applied to Heat Pumps and Refrigeration Systems. He is considered as one of the first ecologists, and in 1885 predicted “…the future of humanity depends on being able to feed our industries and machines with the only contest of renewable energy…”.

As the UK heat pump industry continues to grow, a new generation of super-efficient ground source heat pumps hits our shores from Portugal’s CEO2 GREEN S.L. (developed through the University of Vigo).

Taking it's name from Rudolf Clausius, it boasts the highes​t COP (Co-efficient Performance) in the domestic market place for ground source heat pumps. The Clausius has a COP of 5.01 (so that for every 1 kW in you get 5 kW out) and is certified by the Austrian Institute of Technology in accordance with standard EN14511.

This single phase, inverter driven heat pump offers the highest regulation power range currently available in the UK domestic market, within a compact footprint measuring 600 mm x 800 mm x 1140 mm. With this power range and high efficiency, the Clausius is able to cater for the most demanding of domestic heating /cooling and hot water requirements and can even go on to heat your pool.

Some of attributes that are listed by Clausius:

  • Utilises latest technology from leading suppliers with best in class application

  • Best economics and performance throughout product range

  • Provides client with monitoring and transparent logging of key performance indicators

  • Premium brand components from Honeywell, Copeland, Alfa Laval, Carell, Wilo and Danfoss for best performance and worry free operation

  • Market leading noise reduction allowing flexible plant room location

  • 25 kW heat pump output from standard single phase supply

  • 7 years Clausius warranty – 2 years parts and labour and 5 years parts warranty included

Unlike other heat pumps in the UK market (which would only supply one requirement), the Clausius heat pump will uplift the hot water temperature from preset temperature up to a maximum 85°C, whilst supplying heating to the property.

It does this by a simple process of utilising the already super-heated refrigerant gas and passing it up through the aluminium coil, which is wrapped around the hot water cylinder. The refrigerant then continues its journey into the heating condenser unit, to provide heating to the property (and this is done at no additional cost to the consumer).

What sets it apart?

  • The Clausius has a wider power range than the competition (between 5 – 25 kW on single phase electric)

  • Its components are extremely high quality and sourced from different leading technology producers

  • Its easy to access and thoughtfully designed

  • It has capabilities of meeting extra domestic hot water requirements while heating your property

Here at Xpert Energy, we are always on the look out for new technologies specifically with the aim of reducing the consumption of fossil fuels (and their impact on the environment). Being fully independent, Xpert Energy are committed to continually improving our product range by researching new and emerging technologies that offer better efficiencies in the constantly evolving field of renewable energy.

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