Design & install

Xpert Energy underfloor heating


Xpert Energy can have a huge input into the design of the building including the building fabric (floors, walls, roof etc.) i.e. how the building is constructed. Offer help and advice for thermal bridging (when the fabric of the building comes into contact with the outside air, details of building junctions etc). This impacts the heat loss of any building. We can also help and advise on airtightness, which should be agreed at the beginning of any project.

We can design underfloor, radiators, heat pumps, boilers, MVHR, providing bespoke calculations room by room based on heat loss, internal temperature and desired flow temperature (the lower the better!). 


Xpert Energy can produce Standard Assessment Procedure Calculations. SAP is required for building regulations and extensions on existing dwellings with over 25% glazing.


SAP is a calculation to work out the carbon emissions/energy consumption of a new build property. The property is broken down into areas of materials and the rate at which heat is transferred through those materials compared to the overall volume of the dwelling. Heating and renewable technologies are also factored into the equation along with lighting and pumps. The final Dwelling Emission Rate must be below the Target Emission Rate set by building control for final certification to be granted. Building control also require minimum compliance for each fabric of the building along with heating solutions and low energy lighting levels.

Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Calculations 


Once we have your calculations and design we can make arrangements for your installation. We can sit down and work out a plan for the project based on your budget and the projects needs and desirable outcome. ​

We work out our costs according to the technology and designs that we have planned with you so there are no surprises. We stagger the billing on a 25%, 35%, 40% so you only pay for the work we have done/are about to install, in line with MCS procedures. All our engineers are employed by us so they install these high tech systems every day. Our turnkey solutions mean we are responsible for all the work we do.