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Women in Engineering - Chloe Taylor

Interview with Chloe Taylor – Women in Engineering

As part of our women in engineering series we interviewed Chloe, who is studying on an integrated Aeronautical Engineering Masters Degree and is hoping to become a Chartered Engineer. We have been lucky enough to have her working in our office for some of her study breaks...

Why engineering? What was it that attracted you to the industry?

Engineering isn’t just gas and heating engineering or electrics but such a vast and constantly changing profession. There is something for everyone who loves a challenge and solving problems.

Was it an obvious career choice for you – how did you arrive at this point here in your life?

Not straight away. Even though I studied it at the level of International Baccalaureate (which is equivalent to A-levels), I didn’t know that Engineering was what I really wanted (to do). It was only when I got rejected for an apprenticeship at Virgin Atlantic that I went “no, I want to do this!” and so applied to do the university route.

Have you ever felt put off by the attention drawn to your gender in this industry?

It hasn’t really bothered me, plus there is generally less drama than working with a load of women!

What kind of skills do you need to possess to work as an engineer?

You need to love solving problems and be very good at maths. A love of understanding how things work I think is also key.

What is the job application process for someone going into your field?

As a graduate you would first submit your CV and a covering letter. If shortlisted, they send you a link to complete 3 online tests (statistics, vocabulary, logical/analytical). They would then invite you in for an interview with group activities and then an individual interview. If you are successful, they offer you the job.

What do you think is going to need to change to attract more women into the type of role you are studying?

Get schools more involved. According to the BBC 49% of state schools across the UK send no girls to study A-Level physics.

Any advice for girls at school age choosing subjects for A-Level or University?

When choosing a subject or course - do what you enjoy, because even if you study say Aeronautical Engineering but at the end of the course you would like to go more into Automotive or Mechanical Engineering, it doesn’t matter, as engineers you automatically adapt to what you are doing.

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