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  • Sarah Jones

Carbon emissions from GB electric drop by 50% in 5 years - according to National Grid figures

If you compare this to BRE SAP figures for British electricity, covering the period 2013-2027 of 381gCO2 / kWh, it is quite obvious that this is already very out of date.

Progress in renewable generation, is gaining speed and I believe that BRE will have to review these figures on a more regular basis, to keep up with the progress of the UK energy providers and government backed schemes, to reflect the real energy rating of buildings.

Mains gas, which is unlikely to change, is rated by BRE at 222gCO2 / kWh making gas and electricity similar for UK pollution. Something that seemed impossible only a decade ago.

Fossil fuel boilers (gas, oil, LPG, biomass and coal) produce pollution locally to the property, which in densely populated areas, leads to poor air quality for the people that live there. So installing heat pumps makes more sense than ever, as this produces no pollution locally. Also with the heat pumps ability to produce more energy than it consumes (by a ratio between 3-4.5 from 1 unit of electric), means that carbon emissions from a heat pump, are approximately a third of a mains gas modern condensing boiler.

I think we should congratulate everyone involved in this huge achievement and encourage the UK to keep up the good work. It is only a matter of time before the UK can run solely on clean, green electricity, to meet all our demands on our busy island. Well done!

credit image /statistics National Grid

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