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What do our customers say?

Miss T.


I am writing in regards to an engineer that was sent to work in my property today to work on my boiler.

I am very pleased to inform you of the fantastic work he completed today.

I am 5 days away from giving birth to my son so the urgency of my water being turned back on and boiler fixed and fit to run was dire. He was faced with many challenges in regards to this job as the previous engineers had lacked the capability of doing a job properly and made it nearly impossible however, he worked relentlessly to complete the job and make sure my son had running hot and cold water to come home to.

He stayed from 1pm until after 7pm - I am sure another engineer would have gave up at 5 went home or passed on the job.

But I am so glad that he was so compassionate and hard working to finish the job.

He is a credit to Xpert Energy and I hope he is recognised for the great work he has done for my little family.

Mrs M.


Just to let you know how nice it was to have your engineer install my heat pump. He went beyond his duty, he even took me back to the plumbers. He was so very polite and helpful to me. A great engineer to have working for you I must say. In saying that everybody I have spoken with and seen, has been very nice.

Mrs R.


Many thanks for your brilliant help and expertise in getting my hot water running. You all worked very hard. Please pass on to the engineers!

Mrs H.


Thank you so much to whole Xpert Energy team I dealt with (especially Pete, Karen and Mia).


Can I also just say that Steve the engineer sent was wonderful, professional & very respectful.


I am so grateful to Xpert energy for the quick help and care I received.


Thank you.

Martine Stiles


Fantastic company, Sarah really knows her stuff. They installed our heating and air pump in our new build house. Always helpful and friendly. Definately recommend.

Mary Fraher


It was just by chance that we were recommended Xpert Energy Installations to review the energy efficiency of our Air source heat pump. It had been guzzling energy and costing us eye watering amounts in power cost. We have had two recommended green heat specialists review the system resulting in a tweak here and there and excessive fees, and a power bill that distressingly kept rising.

Places for People customer


I can only praise Peter Rokvic and his staff for the professional way in which they conducted themselves.


Peter was extremely knowledgeable taking time out to explain in detail the works he had carried out and the operating of this complex system.

Alan England


Sarah and her team at Xpert Energy have recently installed a new central heating system for me.

I opted for an Air Souce Heat Pump that heats both the house and the hot water.

It was installed exactly as it was described to me, with work starting and finishing according to the schedule provided. Sarah also provided assistance with selecting the correct energy tariff for me along with helping me complete the necessary paperwork to obtain a government grant.


The heating has been in for nearly 2 weeks now and looks to be saving me around 30% in terms of my houses energy consumption which I am more than happy with.


I would highly recommend Xpert Energy and would say if you are unsure about the benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump that you have a chat with Sarah and her team.


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